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Daily Public Ledger masthead, 1898: The Truth
Daily Public Ledger masthead, 1898

The Fact-check Feed site has been aggregating articles from a dozen U.S. fact-checkers since 2016, into a searchable archive. Here are the most recent:

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Most common words in titles from the past two weeks of fact-checks (570):

&ndash 2017 2020 against agency air americans analysis arrested attend bad ballot ballots being bid biden biden's but call called campaign can cdc chinese christmas circulated circulates claim claims close concede congress conspiracy coronavirus county court covid covid-19 data day dead deaths diana died differently do doctored does doesn't dominion don't donald during effective election electoral evidence face facebook facts false falsehoods falsely first flag flu food found fox fraud george georgia germany giuliani go gop gov. government had he her his hoax house image inauguration indian interference joe leaders legal maga mail-in make man march mask masks media meeting michigan million millions misinformation misleading more never new news november official online original other over pandemic parler pennsylvania people pfizer photo photos police poll post posts president president-elect presidential prove public rally real recount registered report results rudy say says secretary seized server servers service she show shows since social soros sources south spread staffer state states statistics stop study support systems team thanksgiving their there they time transition tree trump trump's tweet tweets twitter u.s. uncounted up us use used vaccine vaccines video virus vote voted voter voters votes voting warning washington white win wisconsin without won work worker world wrong year

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