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Daily Public Ledger masthead, 1898: The Truth
Daily Public Ledger masthead, 1898

The Fact-check Feed site has been aggregating articles from a dozen U.S. fact-checkers since 2016, into a searchable archive. Here are the most recent:

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Most common words in titles from the past two weeks of fact-checks (494):

&ndash 2020 2022 abortion act ad against all alleged america american americans arizona asteroid attack away back ban barnes because being bharat biden biden's bills border bridge but can cancer candidate cause chandigarh charles chief children china chinese claim claims cnn committee congress context control could coup covid covid-19 death democrats disinformation do documents does doesn't donald during election elizabeth end energy eu evidence facebook facts fake false flag florida found francis funeral get gop government group he headline health help her his house human hurricane ian ii iii image instagram into isn't it's jan. jinping jodo joe key killed king law legal leicester london man mar-a-lago mark martha's medicare men michels migrants military misleading more new online other over pandemic partisan pelosi people photo plan police political pope post posts power president puerto queen queen's real record reduction report republican rico rights role russia russian said say says school security selling september should show so social spacecraft spread state storm study support tax their three tim time trump u.k. u.s. ukraine under united university up us use vaccinated vaccination vaccinations vaccine vaccines video vineyard viral vote voters voting war why without woodruff world would wrong xi years

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