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Daily Public Ledger masthead, 1898: The Truth
Daily Public Ledger masthead, 1898

The Fact-check Feed site has been aggregating articles from a dozen U.S. fact-checkers since 2016, into a searchable archive. Here are the most recent:

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Most common words in titles from the past two weeks of fact-checks (541):

2016 2017 2020 accused actually africa all allegiance antifa arrested attorney bader ballot ballots barr because between biden biden's bill blm breonna california call campaign can car case cases caught cbs cdc change charged child children china chinese circulated circulates claim claims climate context coronavirus court covid covid-19 dead death debate defund died dies do doctored does donald drop during election event evidence facebook fact-check fact-checking factchecking fake false falsely federal fire fires first flu found fraud general george get getting ginsburg government group had harris he health her high his home image increase indian infection interview it's joe justice kamala latinos law louisville mail-in man many mask masks media meeting military million minister misinformation misleading more most national new news nigerian ny obama office old online order over pandemic pcr pedophile pennsylvania people photo photos pick pledge police post posts power president presidential protest rally rbg real remove risk ruth said say says seat security shared she should show shows sign signed since social some spread state supreme take taken tax taxes taylor teleprompter test testing then there they through time times trafficking true trump trump's tweet two u.s. uk unrelated up us using vaccine vaccines video videos viral virus vote votes voting want wearing white wildfires without woman women wrong year years

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