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Daily Public Ledger masthead, 1898: The Truth
Daily Public Ledger masthead, 1898

The Fact-check Feed site has been aggregating articles from a dozen U.S. fact-checkers since 2016, into a searchable archive. Here are the most recent:

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Most common words in titles from the past two weeks of fact-checks (372):

6 against airlines article ban biden biden's bill blood but california can cancer cause claim claims colin confirm contain court covid covid-19 data death die do does doesn't don't due england evidence facebook false fda first flu found get go had he health his home image immunity infrastructure it's ivermectin jan. know last make mandate misinformation months more most new other over panel people pfizer pfizer's photo pilot plan plane police powell prove public rate real release say school ship ships shooting show shows social south southwest still tax texas their there trump trump's tweet two u.s. uk unvaccinated up us use vaccinated vaccination vaccine vaccines viral virus workers would yet

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