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Daily Public Ledger masthead, 1898: The Truth
Daily Public Ledger masthead, 1898

The Fact-check Feed site has been aggregating articles from a dozen U.S. fact-checkers since 2016, into a searchable archive. Here are the most recent:

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Most common words in titles from the past two weeks of fact-checks (428):

2020 2021 6 again all americans arizona attack back between biden biden's biles bill but california can case cases cdc child claim claims conspiracy control coronavirus court covid covid-19 data days death deaths delta die died do does don't during election end evidence face facebook florida german gets go gold gop government greene had he heart her his infection israel it's jan. johnson joke life marjorie masks media misinformation misleading more most national new olympic olympics over pandemic pcr pelosi people percent photo police posts president prove quote real recall require rules say says she show simone some states surge take tax taylor team test tests their theory there they tokyo tom town trump twitter u.s. unvaccinated up us using vaccinated vaccination vaccine vaccines variant video viral virus washington weeks west why without workers would wrong yes

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