About Iffy.news

Barrett Golding created and maintains the Iffy.news index of unreliable sources.


Thanks to COVID downtime, I created Iffy.news and its Index of Unreliable News Sources. The index compiles news sites with low factual-reporting levels, as determined and documented by Media Bias/Fact Check. Each site in the index links to its MBFC review and to a fact-check search of its articles.

The goal is to give researchers a more complete, current, and accurate dataset of sites that spread mis/disinformation, which will lead to more accurate disinformation research. See The Iffy Evolution for the history of this project and its Poynter past.

I hope researchers find it useful. It’s been used in several misinfo tools, research papers, and health-media/guides.

As time permits, I’ll contact Iffy-indexed publishers to give them an opportunity to respond. Next up for Iffy, a couple nearly finished research projects:

The anti-bullshit battle has begun.


My name is Barrett Golding. I am the former executive producer of the (NPR-distributed, Peabody Award-winning) Hearing Voices series, a Reynolds Journalism Institute and United States Artists fellow, and a WordPress contributor. I’ve researched and written for Current, RJI, PBS MediaShift, Transom, and Hacks/Hackers.

More re:me at GitHub, LinkedIn, and @hearvox. My related projects:

Iffy’s Editor is Josef Verbanac, a twenty-plus year veteran of teaching English in higher ed. He specialized in composition, technical writing, and online learning. Now semi-retired, he blue-lines for grocery money, serves as on-call caretaker for his family, and teaches parents to play D&D with their kids.

All Iffy.news data, documents, scripts, and software are released free and open-source (MIT License).


Eli 5 Stone created the Iffy logo.