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Articles, research tools and papers, and health/media guides which use Iffy.news resources.

Research papers, tools, and guides that use Iffy resources.

Research papers

Misinfo tools

  • Civic Tech Field Guide: Sharing knowledge and productively growing the field.
  • CoVaxxy: Visualize the relationship between COVID-19 vaccine adoption and online (mis)information, Observatory on Social Media.
  • DeepSee: Identify and avoid high-risk publishers at scale (monitors 20M sites).
  • Ebiquity: Create responsible media investments by defunding disinformation.
  • Have I Shared Fake News?: List the hyperpartisan/low-quality and fake news shared by any Twitter handle, along with the political slant.
  • Hoaxy: Visualize the spread of claims and fact checking, Observatory on Social Media.
  • Misinfo.me: Assess the credibility of your information source.

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